About Us


Alexandra and Marissa’s friendship started back in 2012 as the both of them were working in the health and fitness industry. Alex had started Malaysia’s first healthy food delivery, Lunch2U (of which Marissa was a loyal customer), and Marissa’s focus was in the fitness industry. With their individual skills, their first project, together with a Life Coach, was The Ideal Lifestyle School where they taught women the art of mindfulness. It was a meaningful project, and one that would provide a stepping stone to their next collaboration. 

In 2014, Marissa co-founded PurelyB, an online platform focused on holistic health. It is here that Alexandra and Marissa embarked on their second project together. Marissa created a 21-Day transformation programme that had the option for food to be delivered, and naturally she wanted to work with Alexandra. At this time, Lunch2U was known as Food Matters.  

At the end of 2018, with plant-based diets gaining popularity, and the fact the two knew the benefits of a predominantly plant-based diet, they launched the Plant Power Cleanse. As demand for the cleanse grew month on month, Marissa and Alexandra took the plunge and officially became business partners. Today the business is known as NourishMe. 

The third addition on this journey was Nadira whom Marissa met over several sweaty sessions at the gym. Nadira’s warm personality, her plant-based lifestyle and her desire to create more awareness surrounding the topic of health and wellness made her a perfect fit. Not to mention,  her background in accounting and finance was just what Alexandra and Marissa needed to drive forward.

Together with Alexandra’s passion in the kitchen and love of creating flavorful combinations, Marissa’s penchant for marketing and forming meaningful connections and Nadira’s natural ability to bring structure to chaos, the ultimate trio was formed.

About NourishMe

At NourishMe we want to make healthy eating affordable, accessible and most importantly delicious. We believe that a predominantly plant-based diet has a multitude of benefits for health and wellbeing and we’ve taken that step to create dishes that are balanced and loaded with flavour. We’re not saying that you have to become vegetarian, but even just having that one plant-based meal a day can boost your health and ensure that you’re getting the essential vitamins and nutrients your body needs to operate.

By making a shift to a more plant-based lifestyle, some of the benefits you may experience are: an increase in energy levels; improve mental clarity and mood; weight management; lower blood pressure and cholesterol; reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes; and healthier hair and skin.

Another major benefit in eating more plant-based foods is to reduce our impact on the environment. The less meat we eat, the less demand there is for factory farmed animals which contribute to global warming. In addition we do our best to reduce our plastic waste. We do not provide plastic cutlery and are always on a quest to find packaging with the least damage to the environment. We also try to work with suppliers who use less packaging.

Meet The Team

A passionate team that wants to help people live healthier lives by making better choices and being conscious where their food comes from.

Alexandra Prabaharan
Marissa Parry

Our partners

As a business that supplies healthy meals, it means that we are constantly looking at our supply chain. We like to support local businesses as much as we can and we work towards minimising our waste. Here are some of the partners we work with.