Daily Meals

Here at NourishMe, we want to make healthy eating accessible, affordable and absolutely delicious. Many of us turn to convenient options for lunch that are unfortunately high in refined carbs and saturated fat, they are often energy-draining and are packed with many other unmentionables. 

While we do offer macros on our site, it is there as a guideline rather than a strict must-follow. We are more concerned that our food is nutritious -- loaded with fresh and cooked veggies, fibre-rich legumes or grains and a variety of protein sources, all while being free from preservatives and additives. Calories are not the be-all-end-all of a dish. Neither are diets that push a fear of carbs or fat. This is where an understanding of what your food can do for you comes into play rather than just looking at its macros. For example, chickpeas are high in carbs but a rich source of protein and fibre. Other health benefits include the ability to improve digestion, manage weight, and reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes. It would be a shame to cut them out of your diet merely due to a fear of carbs.

Our meals are mainly vegetarian, as we believe this is a primary source of nutrients that the majority of our diets are lacking. We want to be your pick for your one veg meal a day. You don’t have to be vegetarian or vegan to enjoy our food -- this just gives you an option to have a balanced overall diet and to ensure you are consuming enough vitamins and nutrients as a whole. We want you to be able to order your one veg meal a day from us, which not only benefits your body, but the planet too.

We make the entire process a no brainer - with just a click of a button, you'll have your lunch delivered right to your doorstep - whether it’s your home, office, school and even hospitals. Our deliveries are made daily between 11.30am and 1pm. You can order more than one meal a day if you'd like to also have a vegetarian dinner. Daily, we offer three vegetarian choices. The dishes are easy to warm up or enjoy as is.

We have a few plans you can choose from. Price includes delivery to selected areas. Please read our FAQs for more details.

One Time Payment


  • Package Details :
  • 1 meal credit
  • RM25 per meal
  • Delivery is inclusive*
  • One week expiry
  • Customer Rewards **
One Time Payment


  • Package Details :
  • 5 meal credits
  • RM25 per meal
  • Delivery is inclusive*
  • One month expiry
  • Customer Rewards **
One Time Payment


  • Package Details :
  • 10 meal credits
  • RM22 per meal
  • Delivery is inclusive*
  • One month expiry
  • Customer Rewards **
Monthly Auto Renewal


  • Package Details :
  • 20 meal credits
  • RM21 per meal
  • Delivery is inclusive*
  • Two month expiry
  • Customer Rewards **

*Delivery is to certain locations, please check our FAQs. For areas not within our delivery zone, please contact us at [email protected].

A Glance at Our Menu

Our menu is mainly vegetarian, with a choice of a chicken dish on Marvelous Mondays’
and fish on ‘Fish Fridays’.

Daily Meals Menu

Our menu works on rotation. Each day there is a choice of three dishes.

  • Nasi Lemak with Mushroom Rendang (Vegan)
  • Curry Lentil Salad (Vegan + GF)
  • Pumpkin Barley Salad (Vegan)
  • Greek Couscous Salad
  • Beetroot Pesto Burger
  • Lasagna
  • Hummus Veggie Wrap(Vegan)
  • Chapati with Spinach Dahl and Raita
  • Terriyaki Soba (Vegan)
  • Falafel Wrap
  • Brown Rice Bibimbap
  • Black Bean Tacos (Vegan)
  • Morrocan Veggie Tagine (Vegan)


  • Thai Tempeh Rice Salad (Vegan)
  • Mushroom “Char Siu” Lotus Bao (Vegan)
  • Tom Yam Pasta (Vegan)
  • Middle Eastern Grain Bowl (GF)
  • Tempeh Tandoori Wrap
  • Kimchi Fried Rice
  • Cauliflower Shawarma on Garlic Butter Flatbread
  • Chipotle Bean Chili (Vegan + GF)
  • Satay Tempeh Burger (Vegan)
  • Australian Avo Bowl
  • BBQ Mushroom Bean Burger with Roast Corn Salad
  • Mushroom Rendang Bao & Kerabu
  • Pesto Pasta Salad

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