How about making a commitment to your health that’s focused and fun. Informative and inspiring. Consistent and varied.

Our best package deal that services your dietary requirements and invites you to be part of a like-minded and dedicated, wellness tribe.

At a monthly investment of RM420, your package credits can be used for Daily Meals or Cleanse. In addition to enjoying our delicious and nutritious food and making your health a priority, you will be the first to know about our talks, workouts, workshops, and special events such as retreats and private dining experiences.

Join our thriving community developed to nourish you, your heart and your mind. And be part of the community that influences living your best life.

Here’s how you can maximise your NourishMe Thrive Tribe package:

  • Order regular daily meals and ensure you are eating enough plants.
  • Join a cleanse every other month to optimise your gut health.
  • Share your meal credits with family members by ordering a meal for you and your partner, or your whole family.
  • Treat a colleague at work with a nourishing meal.

Thrive Tribe Monthly Auto-Renewal

Sign up to our Thrive Tribe and get the best deal. Not ready to join the tribe, check out our other packages.

Best Deal
Thrive Tribe Monthly Auto Renewal


  • Package Details :
  • 18 credits
  • RM23.30 per meal
  • Delivery is inclusive*
  • Two month expiry
  • Customer Rewards **

*Delivery is to certain locations, please check our FAQs. For areas not within our delivery zone, please contact us at [email protected].


To get started you need to create an account. Once created, select Thrive Tribe Monthly Auto Renewal.

Each billing cycle you have 18 credits. You can use these for Daily Meals or Cleanse.

You can either wait for the next billing cycle and your account will be credited with another 18 credits, or you have the option to top up your credits with one of the other packages available.

Yes you can. Please make sure they are within our delivery zone.

You are free to cancel your subscription at any time. Any remaining credits will not be refunded.

Still have questions? Read our full FAQ